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Guided by our Communities and Social Performance (CSP) Standard, we focus on building trust through open and honest dialogue, active local and regional partnerships and a long-term commitment to sustainable development.

Human Rights

Respecting human rights and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion

to respect
and connect






Economic Opportunity + Just Transition 

Respecting human rights and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion

Engagement + Partnerships

Being caring, authentic and transparent to build trusting relationships and partnerships

Community Capacity + Connections 

Building capacity to strengthen organizations and communities to build resilience 

Culture + Heritage + Place 

Contributing to positive conservation outcomes for culture, heritage and environment

Communities and Social Performance Standard Overview

In our ongoing efforts to be a responsible and supportive neighbour, Rio Tinto has committed to a set of guidelines under the Community and Social Performance (CSP) Standard, effective since August 2022. This framework ensures that our activities are conducted with the utmost respect for our community and the environment we share.

Here’s a brief overview of what this means for us and, more importantly, for you:

  1. Understanding and Cooperation: We strive to fully understand the social fabric and the environment of the areas we operate in. This means recognizing potential impacts of our work and engaging in open, meaningful dialogues. We’re here to listen to your concerns, learn from your insights, and respond with actions that not only minimize disruptions but also bring tangible benefits to our community.

  2. Special Attention Where It’s Due: We acknowledge that certain aspects of our operations, like working in Indigenous traditional territories, require extra care and sensitivity. Our standards ensure that we approach these situations with respect for the rights and traditions of those involved, aiming for outcomes that are fair and beneficial.

  3. Transparent Planning and Reporting: We believe in the power of transparency. Our planning and reporting processes are designed to keep you informed about our projects, their impacts, and how we’re managing them. Through regular updates and open communication, we aim to build trust and demonstrate our commitment to not just meet, but exceed our social responsibilities.

The CSP Standard is our pledge to you. It guides us to act thoughtfully, engage sincerely, and contribute positively to the well-being and prosperity of our community.

Responding to the Concerns in our Communities​

Effective complaints and grievance management is an important part of building and maintaining respectful and trusting relationships with host communities and stakeholders.​

2023 Grievances by Location​
2023 Grievances by Category​
Grievance Process

A complaint or grievance arises when a person or group perceives that an injustice or prejudice has been done to them, in relation to the company’s operations. A complaint management mechanism has been set up to ensure that disputes are followed up and resolved as quickly as possible.

Anyone, whether an employee, a subcontractor or a member of the public, can file a complaint or grievance with the assurance that there will be no reprisals against them or their company. It is also possible to make a report anonymously.

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